Introduction to Medieval Textile Crafts (One-Day Workshop)

Irish National Heritage Park

Saturday 27th February | 10am to 4.30pm

Sunday 28th February | 10am to 4.30pm

The Irish National Heritage Park welcomes Léine Medieval Crafters who will show you how to master the basics of some of the Medieval textile skills. On this one-day workshop you will learn something about the clothing of the period and what was involved in its construction.

Making clothing in early Medieval times was very labour intensive and required skills that would have taken many years to learn; the result was high quality, well made garments that reflected the status of the wearer.

Course Contents:

  • Hands-on class in drop-spindle spinning, turning wool into yarn.
  • You will learn to do naalbinding, a Norse craft which produces a hard-wearing knit-type fabric, made by a unique method with just a large needle and yarn.
  • A demonstration of how to construct a warp-weighted loom. This was the earliest form of loom, dating from Neolithic times and used until the horizontal loom was introduced – though there were a few in use in northern Scandinavia until quite recently.  It is a relatively simple construction that can be made with basic tools.

This course is an introduction to the various crafts and is suitable for beginners. It will be directed at adults, but could be suitable for accompanied children aged over about 12.

This day-long workshop costs €45 per person with all course materials provided.

Pre-booking is essential.

Contact us on +353 (0)53 912 0733 or via email at to book your place on this fantastic workshop.